4 Great Reasons to Attend the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference


Imagine it. A temperate climate, fog rolling in over the mountains and through the fir trees, meandering all the way to the rocky coasts and all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. While there you can even sample some of the best wines in the United States, and when you wake up, you can have a damn fine cup of coffee to start your day.

Location is a small part of the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference. There are at least four other reasons you’ll want to attend the best fitness conference in the Pacific Northwest.

Beautiful views are just one of the reasons to attend the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference

1 | In a world dominated by friendships with people you’ve met on the internet, networking is the best way to actually hang out with them in real life. You might even get a few ideas for possible business ventures in the future. At the very least, you can nurture those friendships and deepen them. This applies both to fitness professionals and enthusiasts as well.

Networking at the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference.

2 | In addition to strengthening your current friendships or making more, you get to learn from the absolute best in the industry. One of our featured speakers is none other than Dr. Susan Kleiner, who, if you don’t know, basically invented the field of sports nutrition (we’ll talk more about that later). Not only that, Dr. Kleiner shares the stage with some of the most decorated dietitians and writers in the industry. You quite literally have the opportunity to learn from the best.

3 | And if you are a fitness professional, there’s more good news. If you need, CEUs (continuing education units) to recertify, Stronger Together has you covered. By attending, you can submit any of the topics covered to your accredited company for potential CEUs. So you get the added benefit of learning real-world information from the best, and putting it towards your continuing education so you can apply it to your practice.

Earn CEUs at the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference

4 | This education is not just theoretical, either. Everyone speaking at the Stronger Together conference works with real people, and some of them even work with real people on top of donning a lab coat and putting out groundbreaking research. Focusing on the real world application is a great way to hone your practice and boost your income. While on the surface, boosting your income doesn’t sound like much, but it can help you in more subtle ways. It gives you the opportunity to learn, to invest, and to earn freedom with your time so you can build an even better business.

Get real world advice and education at the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference

There you have it. Four great reasons to head out west for the Stronger Together: PNW Fitness Conference. Head over and grab your ticket here, while the discounted price stays in effect. After June 7th the price goes up to $229.

See you soon for coffee.